Rewards Program

The more you interact with us here on the blog and within our social networks, the more loyalty points you’ll receive. Different actions will be valued with different point levels and we have a rotating catalog of products for you to choose from. Remember playing skee ball on the boardwalk? Yea! It’s something like that, only you get points for user engagement, and we have way cooler prizes than your typical prizes!

For the duration of the American International Toy Fair, this catalog will be suspended.  Instead, earn points towards a New Year’s Eve extravaganza that only NYC can offer.  Learn how to play now!

Ways to Earn Rewards

  • Like us on Facebook: 500 Points
  • Follow us on Twitter: 500 Points
  • Signing up for our Email List: 500 Points
  • Promoted Comments: 300 Points
  • Foursquare Check-in: up to 1500 Points
  • Refer an Article on Facebook: 100 Points
  • Refer an Article on Twitter: 100 Points
  • Refer an Article on Google+: 100 Points
  • Watch a Video: 100 Points
  • Comment on an Article: 100 Points
  • Daily Visits: 100 Points
  • Playground Post Submission: 300 Points

Rewards Catalog