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TIA’s Knowledge Network Enhances Learning at Toy Fair 2013

Every one of the show’s diverse audience members will have immediate access to speakers and learning opportunities designed to help grow businesses and build professional relationships.

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2013 Toy Trend Forecast

Before you dive into the thousands of new toys on display, TIA trend specialist Adrienne Appell offers some sneak peeks at the trends that will be spicing up store aisles in the coming months.

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Business Tools

An Introduction To Customer Development

Good products fail all the time, because most businesses don’t have a process to manage their customer development. “Build it and they will come,” has likely never been a winning strategy, yet most ideas find their way to market without much regard for what the customer is “willing” to pay for.

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Special Announcement

Women in Toys (WIT) Announces a New WIT – Walmart Collaboration

The WALMART WOMEN’S GLOBAL ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Initiative will help Walmart reach its goal to source $20 Billion from Women-Owned Businesses by 2016.

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